We are moving!

In 10 days we are doing back to back closings on our soon-to-be old house and our soon-to-be new house. Needless to say that things have been pretty crazy around here lately. I think that once we move the general craziness will continue through the new year. Between unpacking, visitors (always welcome!), and traveling we will be in a state of chaos. It's all good though, because we are so looking forward to starting our new lives closer to Denver, Boulder, Rocky Mountain Ntl. Park, and a boat load of other places we are excited to explore.

Soon-to-be old house
Right now we are living with boxes. They have taken over the front room, dining room, and are infiltrating our bedroom. Luckily we have a storage unit, but it is already jam packed. I do not know how we amassed so much stuff over the last 5 years or where it is going to go in our 1000 less sq. ft. house. I guess I just need to get crafty with storage. I am always up for a challenge!

In other news, and quickly too, here is what we have been up to:
  • Dave & I celebrated our 4th anniversary. By celebrate I mean we got dessert from Whole Foods and ate it after the kids went to bed. Moving is expensive!
  • Today is my 31st birthday!
  • Fletcher is starting to recognize letters of the alphabet.
  • Archie is almost 3! He pays attention to everything and is quite empathetic which makes me an extremely happy parent. 
  • Fletcher cracked my iPad screen. I guess I should be happy that it took 3 years for the first electronic item to be destroyed by a child. I thought typing it out would comfort me, but I am still annoyed. 
  • I am actually kind of excited to live in a hotel for the 4 days in between houses. Somebody else can do the laundry and clean up after me for a change. The sad thing is that I will probably still clean. 
  • My Mom and Dad are coming to help us move. I am wondering if there is a horse track near Denver and that is real reason my Dad is coming. Kidding! kind of. 
  • That's all I've got people. 


He cooks, he cleans, and he loves his Mom!

Today Dave went to the store and took Fletcher. To make it fun for Archie I decided we should make some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. I have let Archie help me cook before, but this time I let him take over. I was his sous chef and he was the head chef. Granted, the clean up job left by the head chef wasn't terribly fun but he had fun and didn't mind that Fletcher got to go the store with Daddy. The cookies were actually really yummy too.