Nesting or just being me?

So I really haven't been hit with the urge to clean and get things ready for baby and visitors. I have, however, been trying to get some organizational things done that I know I will not have time for once Baby R. gets here. That seems typical of me and not of some mythical pregnancy symptom.

Last week I uploaded about 500 photos to Snapfish from the past year. My photo albums were updated through my rehearsal dinner, but that meant the wedding, honeymoon and the past year were still MIA. I received those prints the other day and spent last night putting them in order and then into my albums. Now they are updated through 2 weekends ago!

My next order of business was/is my hospital bag. I am 36 weeks pregnant today and according to my Dr. the little one weighs about 6 lbs. 8 oz. That is a full term sized baby and I still have 4 weeks until my due date. A hospital bag seems like a good thing to have prepared just in case. I have all my toiletries, the baby's coming home outfit and an outfit for me. I still need to get together all my labor comfort items and some snacks, etc... At least it is started.

I spent all day Monday washing cloth diapers. Unbleached prefolds need to be laundered at least 5 times to prep them for baby. Plus I hadn't washed any of the covers, fitteds and pocket diapers that I had purchased over the last few months. It is recommended that you hang dry any diapers that have elastic in them so I had diapers hanging all over my laundry room. Now they are all sitting is a laundry basket waiting for me to put them away.

Not related to organizing, I have also been doing a little bit of scrapbooking/card making in the past week. I really love making cards even though some of the ones I made last week aren't my favorites. Oh well. Science Matters started back up for the school year. I am acting as a teacher's aide/mentor for this first club b/c I could go into labor at any time. It is nice to get out of the house with a purpose. I will definitely be starting back up with them in January as well.

Other than that life has been pretty ho-hum. We are experiencing a cold front here in the Springs. It snowed on Monday and today and the highs have been in the 40s. Too bad my pregnant self isn't really enjoying it. It doesn't matter if it is 90 degrees or 30, I still sweat.


Happy 28th to me!

I clearly remember my last 2 birthdays. Last year we spent the day packing and flying to NJ b/c we were leaving for our honeymoon the following day. We were in the very last non-reclining row by the bathrooms. The year before I had a little pity party b/c it was my first birthday in CO away from family and friends.

This year, however, I am in a completely different frame of mind. I am thoroughly enjoying the solace of sitting at home doing whatever I please. I am looking forward to the phone calls from my family and friends. I am doing laundry, washing dishes, playing around on-line and just enjoying being me. With motherhood right around the corner, I am not going to get many more days like this.

It's funny how the anatomy of your birthday changes as you get older. Instead of fanfare and hoopla, now I just want to have a nice conversation and relaxing day. I am not saying that presents and cake are a thing of the past. Really, can one ever tire of presents and cake?
Instead those are nice additions to a day not the focal point.

So I say Happy 28th Birthday to me!!

(birthday lilies from Dave)


Raspberry & Apple pickin'

Yesterday I noticed that the Saturday forecast was supposed to be 60 and overcast. Is there a better time to go to an apple orchard? I think not. The last two years we have gone to the orchard it has been hot, even in October! So this morning we put on our jeans and sweatshirts and drove south.

When we got there we took the tractor ride down to the pick-it-yourself area. We started with the raspberries and had pretty good luck. I discovered that the most ripened ones were way on the bottom, practically dragging on the ground. Everybody else was looking near the top of the bushes. Suckers! Dave and I filled our pint pretty quickly and then went to pick some apples. Not so lucky there. The only apples we saw we sad, small and had been ravaged my the squirrels. So we walked back to the store and picked some Jonathons out a bin.

When we got back to our car we noticed that the Red Delicious apples on the tree right in front of our car were awesome! Dave picked about 6-7 and walked back to the store to pay for them. I am probably going to make some sort of cobbler with the Jonathons and we will just eat the Red Delicious. Then we left so Dave could make it home in time for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game.

Maybe I will go back and get pumpkins when my sister Marlene comes to visit. I love apple orchards even when the pickin's are slim and there is not a donut in sight.


Happy Anniversary

This past weekend Dave & I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it has been a year since that beautiful September day we got married. However, 1 year also seems like such a small amount of time. I feel like it kind of diminishes all those experiences we've had for the past 10 years. Our life together didn't start 1 year ago, it started when we first met over a decade ago.

Anyway, we spent our anniversary weekend in Breckenridge. It was kind of coincidental since we got an extremely discounted rate on a hotel if we sat through a 2 hour presentation of a new vacation property. They basically tried really hard to make us spend $20,000 so we can vacation in condo style for the rest of our lives. We are more the camping and Days Inn kind of people though. So after telling 3 different salesmen "no" in as many ways possible, we got to start enjoying our weekend.

(a beautiful day in Breckenridge)

The weather was in the 60s and kind of overcast, aka perfect pregnant lady weather!! We walked around town, did some shopping, ate some good food, watched the U of M football game and ended the weekend at the Denver Aquarium. The best was our anniversary dinner though. We ate at a little bistro in an over sized u-shaped booth. There was a live band and the food was delicious. Most momentous though was the necklace Dave got me. He has never picked out a piece of jewelry for me that I haven't given him any input, but he did good! He got me a gorgeous sapphire necklace with diamonds. I have always wanted a sapphire piece of jewelry since it is my birthstone. I love it!!

(The necklace Dave got me!)

Now we are back into our regularly scheduled lives. I had a Dr's appt. today and he told me I should probably get together my hospital bag. Not that he thinks I will be going into labor anytime soon, but he does want me to be prepared for anything. Yesterday Dave and I were talking about how weird it is that one day is just the two of us and then very next everything will be different. I have a feeling we are going to be getting out pretty often these next couple of weeks.


Almost 33 weeks

Not much to report here. Our childbirth classes start tonight right after our pre-admit appointment at the hospital. Crazy to think our child is going to be born next month! You will have to forgive how awful I look in this picture. It was the end of a long, hot day and my body has started rebelling against me with achy everything. Oh well!