A draft I started about 1 month ago

I have now been a mother to two boys for a little over 4 months. Before Fletcher was born I was so stressed over how I would handle feedings and naps with the both of them. Now I realize I am too busy to worry about things like time management. If you ask me what a typical day is like I probably couldn't tell you. They are both too long and too short but my kids are happy and healthy and my house isn't in complete shambles. Plus we are all sleeping okay but my definition of good sleep has drastically changed since have kids.

Some days I am able to read a few chapters of a book or catch up on a few episodes of television shows I watch. I may or may not have dinner started by the time Dave gets home from work. I get laundry done, but finding time to fold it is a little more difficult. Not a day goes by though that I do not stare at my children in wonder. Not a day goes by that I do not think what the heck am I doing? Being a stay at home is the hardest job I have ever had. Some days I wish I had a job that I had to change out of my pajamas to do. The grass is always greener....