IT"S A BOY...Again!

We had our ultrasound yesterday at almost 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Dave and I were convinced this one was a girl so we were a bit shocked to see boy parts, very clearly might I add. I say shocked, but that in no way implies that we are disappointed. In fact, Dave is quite pleased that the males will be outnumbering the females in our household. We count dogs and cats in that equation. If not, then I am the sole female in this family. However, I still think that I will be able to rule the roost quite effectively. They won't be taller than me until they are 12 or 13...I hope. I am going to have to learn how to cook for an army by the time these boys are teenagers. Costco is going to love us!

When we left the Dr.'s office it had started snowing and there was already about an inch on the ground. Thank goodness for AWD. I am usually a little apprehensive when it comes to driving in the snow so when I say that I was the fastest car on the road at 30 mph you can guess how Coloradans drive in inclement weather. The nice thing about the weather is that Dave couldn't get back to work so he had a impromptu 1/2 day and we got some more Daddy time! Dave took Archie and the dogs outside to play in the snow. Archie didn't want to get his hands wet, but he cried when we brought him back inside. Dave just might have his little skier after all!

I cannot remember when I last posted, but we have done a lot in the last month and a half. We spent Thanksgiving week in Ft. Myers Beach, FL to celebrate my sister Mary's wedding John. It was a small and intimate ceremony that suited the couple perfectly. We stayed in a beach house one house back from the Gulf. Although Dave and I are not beach people, I am glad that we were able to introduce Archie to the experience. He loved playing in the sand much more than he actually loved being in the water. That will most definitely change the older he gets though.

In December my sister Amy had a surprise wedding to her now husband Chris. Mary officiated and said that the ceremony was very "Amy". I am presuming that means exactly the way she wanted it to happen! Now all my siblings have found and married their perfect partners. I wonder when Archie is going to get more cousins?

For the holidays we traveled to my parents house in MI. Dave and I each caught some sort of 24 hour bug one day apart from each so the actual traveling was not exactly pleasurable. Add that to me dumping an entire glass of ice water on my lap at the airport and we had a really fun day. Fortunately our visit was much more enjoyable. We saw friends, family, Ann Arbor, I got a prenatal massage from Melissa (website: http://www.meltannarbor.com/), and had an overall relaxing trip despite it being so close to Christmas.

Now it is New Year's Eve, Dave is at work and I'm still in my pajamas at 1 pm. We have no plans for the night and I will most likely be in bed before 10. I am planning on using our Cuisinart griddle though to make balsamic portobello mushrooms, roasted red pepper and goat cheese grilled sandwiches for dinner. I may bust out the new cookbook my cousin Lori got me for Christmas to make some yummy baked dessert too. We like living on the wild side here in our little abode.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 is better than 2010 for everyone! Drink some champagne for me.


What does your car say about you?

Yesterday I was stopped behind a vehicle that had quite a few bumper stickers. Most were pretty typical of Colorado Springs. 2 Jesus fish, a McCain/Palin slogan, a Denver Broncos decal and then a nice one (note the sarcasm) that said "91101 Terrorist Hunting Permit". To me that last one seems to be a little oxymoronic considering the 2 Jesus fish. Then, after we had made our left turn, we both were turning right into the shopping center which clearly has the lines of a pedestrian crosswalk painted on the road with a high schooler getting ready to enter said crosswalk. Did the Jesus vehicle stop for the kid? Nope.

I guess I it just baffles me when people display their love for Jesus when clearly they are not following his message of love.