No baby yet

I am 37 weeks, 6 days pregnant today with an 8 lb. baby apparently. Since Archie was born at 37 weeks, 1 day this is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant. I had an ultrasound last week b/c Fletcher has been measuring big. The ultrasound tech estimated that he was about 7 lbs. 13 oz. and my Dr. agrees with her assessment. I have been having mixed feelings about wanting him to be born soon, but I think I am less nervous than I was a week ago. I still have more anxiety this time around than I did with Archie. I think having 2 kids under the age of 2 is a little daunting.

My sisters have been here helping out. Mary and Marlene left earlier in the week and Amy is here until Sunday. I was hoping Fletcher would be born while they were here but that doesn't appear to be the case. We have a neighbor lined up to watch Archie for when I do go into labor but I really wanted family here. I always see pictures of people visiting the new baby in the hospital and it makes me a little sad that we will have no visitors yet again. Maybe when we have baby #3.

Archer still continues to amaze me everyday. He is such a smart little guy and I am constantly surprised with his innate desire and ability to learn. He is still a little boy though and makes me laugh with all his quirky antics and mannerisms. Some of the faces he makes are hilarious!


We have the coolest friends!!

A few weeks ago our good friend Natalie let me know to expect a package in mail from a particular Etsy shop. Funny thing was, I had been looking at that exact shop the previous day. As it turns out, she had picked out the exact gift for Archer and Fletcher that I had been looking at. She is a scary good gift giver! Anyway, they arrived in the mail the other day and they are so awesome. They are matching Big Brother/Little Brother shirts with their names on them. The quality of the material is nice and durable and I cannot wait to put them on my boys and take pictures galore!



Not very exciting post. Sorry.

I feel like I need to post something b/c everyday I get closer to being a mother of two. I am not sure how much time I will have to keep my 3 readers posted after Fletcher arrives! We have been working on my list and I have crossed a few more items off. Today I ordered our double stroller which is going to be a beast, but I am a suburban Mom so I really won't be needing it unless we go to Target, the mall, the park down the street or the zoo. We decided on the Graco Quattro Tour Duo for the price, reviews, ability to fit our infant car seat and the amount of storage underneath. Carrying a diaper bag for two is going to be fun.

Archer had his 18 month check up the other day. He is between the 70th and 90th percentile for weight, height and head circumference. Our pediatrician said that he developing right on track. He did like being at the Dr.'s office though. This was the first time he really screamed while we there. However, we were told that between 15-18 months is when they see this behaviour the most. They are just starting to realize that they have some control over their environment so when that control is taken away they tend to respond very emotionally.

Last night we had our first real Archie vomit experience. Apparently toddlers tend to throw up a lot and we have no clue as to why he did last night. He was fine before and after and fortunately Dave was holding him while it happened. As parents though it is always nerve-racking when your LO isn't 100%. They cannot tell you what is wrong so it is a big guessing game. We ended up letting him sleep with us all night more for our peace of mind than anything. Surprisingly, it was the best night of sleep all 3 of us have had on months. Go figure.

Next week my sisters are coming to hang out and help out in my last week/s of pregnancy. I will be 37 weeks (full term!) one week from tomorrow. That is when I had Archer so I really could have a baby very soon. It is really much more stressful this time around b/c I am worried about Archer. I have never spent the night away from him. The longest I have ever been away from him was about 8 hours and he was with Dave that whole time. Hopefully Fletcher makes his appearance while my sisters and/or Mom are here so at least I will be comfortable knowing he is in good hands.

Well I am going to try and enjoy the rest of Archer's nap by playing Bejeweled on my phone. Happy Friday!


I know my alphabet!

Archie has been very interested in the alphabet lately. He loves alphabet books, Super Why! on PBS, he likes us to write a letter and he tells us what it is. Today he was watching Leap Frog Amazing Alphabet on Netflix and I caught him on video reciting the alphabet along with the program.