(a post I started over 1 month ago)

The biggest obstacle in getting your little one to sleep is yourself. You are scared that by trying something new the nap will go from bad to worse or waking 3 times at night will turn into 5. We recently traveled to both NJ and MI over the holidays. Arriving in NJ late at night I realized I had forgotten Fletcher's swaddle. CRAP! I thought we were in for it, however, he slept fairly normally. We went out the next day and bought a sleep sack instead a swaddle. He wakes up the same amount at night except now I don't worry about him rolling over in his swaddle.

The real improvement in Fletcher's sleep came at nap time. Sleeping without a swaddle helped make it easier to set him down for nap time. Now I am not tied down 4-5 hours/day holding him duirng nap time. Archer also made some strides at bed time while on our holiday vacation. He is too big for a pack and play so he slept on a fold out couch at both Granparents' houses.