Trip to the zoo

Archie was more interested than the last time we went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, however, some things still frightened him. At the zoo, you can feed lettuce to the giraffes. Seeing them so close made him nervous. He also absolutely hated the merry-go-round. Dave had a death grip on him to keep him from jumping off the platform. Is it bad that I laughed?

Anyway lets get to the important stuff-pictures!


It's that time again...the next 30 lbs.

So I started off my most recent pregnancy at 155 lbs. I gained 47 lbs. with Fletcher. Seeing the scale top 200 was a little unnerving but I am now at 174 lbs. post pregnancy. My goal weight is actually 145 lbs. which puts me in the healthy range according to the BMI . That is 30 lbs. that I am looking to lose before my next pregnancy, which will not be in the next year at least.

I am starting with the same program I did after I had Archer. I am using the iPhone app Loseit! and have it set to the lowest weight loss goal of 1/2 lb. per week since I am still breastfeeding and do not want to deprive Fletcher or myself of essential nutrients. Basically it helps me choose me healthier foods b/c I have to decide it I really want to blow my daily caloric budget on crap. Dave and I are also rejoining the YMCA since both kids are now eligible for the child watch program. We are going to try for 1-2 weekdays after work and at least 1 weekend day. Dave and Archer are also starting swimming classes next week. I want to lead by example for our kids so they will grow up healthy and strong.

Today after work we are going to bust out the double stroller and walk to the post office which is two miles round trip. We have also been better about grocery shopping so we have a lot more fresh fruits and veggies laying around. Last night I made a nice stir fry using only fresh vegetables. For us that is huge!

So here I go again.


4th of July weekend

Last year over the extended weekend we took Archie up to a State Park near Denver. We decided to continue the tradition and we headed to Cheyenne Mountain State Park yesterday. The temperature was in the 90s so we tried to get there early, eat lunch and take a short hike before we melted in the sunshine and heat. Not many people were out as they were probably hiding out in their air conditioned trailers and mobile homes. The campground was full so were slightly surprised by the lack of people taking advantage of the miles of trails in the park. Oh well.

Anyway, I saw a deer about 20 feet from our picnic table and there were plenty of birds and bugs for our viewing pleasure. We didn't make it too far in our hike b/c Archer decided he wanted to be carried. We definitely want to go back when the temps get a little cooler b/c the trails are not as steep so Archie should be able to walk further. Also, I've got Fletcher in the Ergo and we were sweltering with each others body heat.

Below are some pictures from our little adventure. Happy 4th of July!