Cleaning out my closet

Literally. Dave and I spent about 2 hours cleaning out our master closet. I had clothes from college that I haven't worn in as many years and still I have moved them at least 5 times. We had broken hangars, holey clothes, worn out shoes, about 15 various backpacks, duffel bags, stuff sacks, ties that my Dad wouldn't even wear, and belts worthy of a 15 year old goths wardrobe. That goodness for babysitters and Good Will.


Family Fun Day

Dave took the day off work today so we could go up to Denver to meet with friends before their plane left in the afternoon. However, every time we make plans it tends to snow and ruin them. That happened today. Since Dave already had the day off though, we decided to do things as a family. We started off going to breakfast where both kids were surprisingly well behaved. Then we went to story time at the library and Archie picked out some new bed time books. Next door to the library is a great toy store so we headed there afterwards. Nap time was approaching so it was back home for a bit.

When naps were over and lunch was had, it was time to go play at Gymboree. When we got there, however, it was closed. Across the parking lot was a Color Me Mine where you paint pottery and they fire it for you. Archie and I painted while Dave helped and watched Fletcher. I painted a pencil holder and Archie painted a bear shaped plate. He had fun, but the plate is just hideous! Dave and I joked that it would be the plate you had to use if you were bad.

We went to the mall so Archie could run around for a bit and then we also got some ice cream. Dinner time was approaching so it was back home for the night where I made a quinoa roasted bell pepper chili. All in all, we had a fantastic family fun day. It was great having Dave home on a weekday without him having to do any work.

My attempt at getting their picture together.


working on the weekend

Dave has been commuting for 5 months now. It really isn't as bad as I was expecting, but I still miss being able to meet up with him for lunch, having him come to the kids appointments with me, and having him home at 5. Thankfully, he has a job that he enjoys and that really does a lot to help with our overall happiness for sure.

We are still planning on moving up to Denver but the process is slow going. Part of the problem is that we are so tired that we just want to veg on the weekends. However, we finally talked with our babysitter and she has been, and will continue to, watch the kids one day every weekend so we can work on the house. Yesterday we actually made a list and got everything done on that list. Kitchen ceiling painted, door to garage painted, door knobs switched out on 2nd floor, boxes to garage, dining room put back together, and light bulbs switched out. Next week we want to paint the trim on the 1st floor for sure and then I have to figure out what other items on our too long list we can fit into the 4 hours that our kids are at the sitters.

I would love to have our house on the market in April. We cannot buy another house until this one sells and I really do not want to spent another 6 months in the Springs. I am ready to dive into all that Denver has to offer for both me and my family.


brother kisses

In the past month, Archie has shown a lot more interest in his brother. He plays with him, hugs him, gives him toys, let me know when "Fletcher crying", and will ask about him. My favorite are the hugs and kisses though. There really isn't anything much more adorable than sibling love at this age level.

In other news, Fletcher is now mobile. He crawls, scoots, rolls, reaches, and can get up the stiar from the family room to the kitchen. He is happy as a clam!



At a pumpkin patch and corn maze Oct. '11

Family photo Oct. '11

Archie playing in corn Oct. '11

At Rocky Mountain Ntl. Park in October '11

RMNP Oct. '11

Archie painting on his new easel Feb. '12

Fletcher playing too early in the morning Feb. '11

Warrior Archie Feb. '11