10 1/2 weeks!

Right now Archie is cooing and keeping himself entertained in his crib. The sounds that come out of his mouth are hilarious. The faces that go along with them are pretty entertaining too. He is perfecting the art of the sad lower lip. I don't know how Dave will resist that as Archie gets older.

We have been taking him out quite a bit this past week. He has been to 3 holiday parties and dinner out with neighbors. I barely got to hold him during these events and he did really well with being handed from person to person. I cannot wait until all his relatives get to see him at Christmas! I am not so much looking forward to packing or flying with him though. Hopefully he will be one of those babies that sleeps the entire flight (fingers crossed).

Other than being new parents, life has been fairly uneventful lately. We stay in most nights catching up on our television programs, having tummy time marathons and giving baths. During the day if he is being fussy I will go out and run errands because he always sleeps during car rides. Sometimes he will will fuss when I have to stop at a light, but as soon as we get going again he is fine.

He is a great sleeper at night. He goes anywhere from 5 1/2 to 8 hours in a row. His naps during the day aren't nearly as long though. Sometimes he only needs 15 minutes and then will be up for 3 hours. Oh well!