Archie meets Santa

We went to Boulder yesterday just to get out of the house and test our parenting skills! We manged to have a meal in a restaurant, I breastfed successfully in public, we walked around a bookstore and we got to see Santa. It was a productive day and Archer handled himself well. Below are the first of many Santa pictures over his lifetime. Enjoy!

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The last month or so

Archer is almost 8 weeks old and he has been keeping me not necessarily busy but tied up. During the day he won't sleep for more than 10-15 minutes unless I am holding him. In fact I am typing this one handed b/c I have a sleeping boy in my left arm. I love him more everyday though so he can pretty much get away with anything. He really enjoys tummy time on his play mat and he can lift his head for about 15 seconds at a time. He is also starting to smile.

For Halloween we dressed him up as a chili pepper and took him around to meet the neighbors. He slept the whole time, but Dave certainly enjoyed eating all of his candy! I've gotten more comfortable taking him on outings. He sleeps for the most part while we are out which makes it easier. Aunt Becky M. came to visit 2 weekends ago. She got a little cuddle time with Archie and now she wants her little one to get here soon. I bet she can wait until May though!

About 2 weeks ago Archie started fitting into his 0-3 month clothing and his cloth diapers. I will admit I was a little apprehensive at first about using them, however, now I think they are great. He hasn't gotten a diaper rash since we began and I only have to wash them every 3-4 days. The laundering process is really simple too. They are a bit bulky, but that is the only downfall so far.

He gets his first round of shots tomorrow so that should be interesting. Lets hope they make him sleepy and not cranky. For Thanksgiving Dave and I ordered a dinner from Whole Foods. I don't have time to shower let alone cook an entire meal. Then we are going to attempt a family trip to Boulder. All in all, we are starting to get into the swing of things. Archie let us sleep 5 hours last night which was a first! Let's hope this is a rising trend.