Rockabye Baby

I was just playing around on Amazon.com and found the absolutely coolest thing ever! Maybe not ever, but I am pretty excited about it. There are some CD's that were made in 2007 that are the lullaby versions of some of my favorite bands!


So far I want
  1. Radiohead
  2. Smashing Pumpkins
  3. U2
  4. The Ramones
  5. Bjork
  6. The Cure
  7. Queens of the Stone Age
Now I know there is a chance for our kid to be cool!


We are Pregnant

So you already know. You've heard from me, Dave, my Mom or facebook. I now feel comfortable blogging.

Baby R. is due on October 21st. I am currently 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This has been a very interesting couple weeks with many highs and lows.

Here is my timeline:
  • March 4 - Red Wings vs. Avalanche game. My last beer.
  • March 5 - The thought of dinner made me want to throw up.
  • March 7 - Still feeling nauseous I decide to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. I already had an ultrasound scheduled (for unrelated reasons) for March 10th so I decided to wait until then start getting excited.
  • March 8 - Another pregnancy test came back positive. So I am thinking I am about 4 weeks pregnant. Pretty cool.
  • March 10 - Day of ultrasound. The tech tells me that I am 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant. The baby has a heartbeat. I remain calm for about 10 minutes and then start crying. A lot. Tears of joy.
  • March 11-16 - Nauseous every day. Not fun.
  • March 17 - Ultrasound. Dave comes this time and gets to see little Baby R. The heart beat was 174 beats per minute. Old Wives tale says girl.
  • March 19 - Worst day of morning sickness yet. Cannot go to work. Cannot get out of bed. Went to ER in the pm due to heavy bleeding and cramping. 5 hours later we see our baby in an ultrasound moving his/her little hand around. Very relieved.
  • March 20 - OB/GYN appt. My doctor says that heavy bleeding in 9th/10th week is not normal, but not unheard of. The placenta is attaching itself to the uterine wall and starting to make progesterone on it's own. That is thought to be the cause of the bleeding.
I have 2 more ultrasounds scheduled within the next two weeks. This is going to be the most photographed baby in the womb ever! By the time I am 11 weeks pregnant I will have had 5 ultrasounds. I am glad that my OB/GYN is keeping a close eye on me though.

We are thrilled to be having a baby! I have wanted to be a mother for so many years. I think is the job I was born to have. Dave is going to make a wonderful father. He comes home every day and plays with the dogs in the backyard. It doesn't matter if it is raining, snowing, hot and sweaty, whatever. When they accidentally swallow a cat toy or eat a tomato, Dave is the one on the phone with the vet. I cannot wait to see him hold our son or daughter!

As for the baby's sex and name. You are all going to having to wait until he/she is born. We are not even going to find out the sex although we already are set on the names. Don't you just love surprises?

Baby R. at 7 weeks and 6 days

Baby R. at 8 weeks 6 days


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This was an absolutely delicious edible arrangement from Becky! I have to admit that I ate half of them in one sitting. The chocolate coating was at least 1/8" thick. Yummy!


I did it again!

My favorite American Idol blogger, Jim Cantiello, mentioned my comment again in his live blogging! This time he also called me a jackass, just like him. Is this the best day of my life or what!!

Jim Cantiello's American Idol live blog

Look for my shout at the end!