Solid Foods A-Go-Go

Archer had his 4 month check-up last week. Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems like he was just born, but then I remember what it felt like that first month. Definitely a huge improvement at 4 months! Anyhow, he now weighs almost 15 lbs, is 25.5" long and his head seems to be catching up b/c now it is in the 20th percentile as opposed to the 10th.

At the appointment our Dr. discussed teething and eating solid foods with us. Is he really already at these huge milestones? Apparently so, because that night we were all geared up for his foray into solid foods. I had read many different things about how and when to feed baby his first foods. Some sources said that he will give you cues, some said that most babies hate it at first, but to be persistent and some said don't even try until he is 6 months. As with everything else with this kid, feeding was super easy. Is there anything he doesn't make easy? He smiled, laughed and managed to keep some of his rice cereal in his mouth. He opens his mouth up wide when he sees the spoon and even tries to feed himself.

He has been on rice cereal for a week now. Today I am going to introduce oatmeal cereal and then next week we might try sweet potatoes or prunes. This is so much fun! Other than eating, Archie is showing so much interest in the world around him. He goes to Gymboree twice a week, I can put on his play mat for 20-30 minutes and he keeps himself entertained, and when in his carrier he just soaks it all up. We took a walk with the dogs the other day and Archie was enthralled. Fortunately our winters have plenty of 40+ degree, sunny days so we can take more walks. I do wish I had an extra $140 laying around for the Beco Butterfly II carrier (fabric: Grace) though. Our current carrier is nice, but it hurts my back after awhile. Oh well!

Later this month Grandma and Grandpa R. are coming for a visit and we are very excited! In less than 2 months we are traveling to MI and I cannot wait for my family to meet Archie! So far only my Mom and sister Marlene have seen him. It'll be weird not having Dave around for a week though. Let's hope Archie is good for Mommy that week!

Here is a video of Archer eating. Enjoy!