I'm back....until I'm not again

Our laptop has been out of commission for a few months now. My desktop is upstairs in my study, which I do not get to retreat to very often. Needless to say this blog has been sorely neglected due to my lack of free computer time. Right now Archie is sleeping in his swing and I am ignoring the messy house and updating all of you instead.

Archer is 7 1/2 months old now and he changes every day. He can now sit up on his own although he would rather be standing. Every time I try to get him to sit he stretches out his legs and arches his back. I think he will be walking before he ever crawls, which he shows desire in doing. He loves to laugh and squeal. In our Gymboree class right now we are working on communication and he is the most vocal kid there. Dave and I still think he is the coolest and love every second we spend with him. Not that every second is easy, but most aren't too bad!

Since I have last posted we have taken two trips, one to Michigan and one camping in Colorado. In late March we all flew back to MI, but Dave only stayed the long weekend. Archie and I spent an additional week. We went to a Piston's game because my Dad had one a box in an auction. It was so much fun! Becky's baby shower was also that week and she made out like a bandit! Her little girl (BORN YESTERDAY!!!!!!) has enough clothes for the entire first year I think. I flew back to CO with Archer. It was my first time flying solo with him and I think we did great! He cried at the very beginning, but then slept for the rest of the trip. We encountered the worst turbulence I had ever experienced on that flight. I was holding onto Archie for dear life, but thankfully he slept right through it. I was definitely ready for a break once we got back to CO though.

This past weekend we went camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. We stayed in a cabin with a propane heater, which was a blessing since it got below freezing at night and we had Archie and the dogs! It was a lot of fun to get away for a bit and be in a forest. We don't have clusters of trees in Colorado Springs so I need my fix every now and again. Archer did fine on this trip and the dogs loved sleeping on the bed with their Daddy. This summer we are planning on taking lots of long weekend trips around the state of CO. We have lived here almost 3 years and haven't really explored our own backyard.

This really isn't a comprehensive update, but it's all I have time for right now. I will leave you with some pictures and hopefully try to update this blog at least 3-4 times a month for the time being. We'll see.