Weight post

One month ago I started calorie tracking and eating better. I did not do so well on my vacation, but quickly got back into the swing of things when we got home.

7/5/11 - 174 lbs.
8/7/11 - 166.2 lbs.

I lost almost 8 lbs. this past month. I have 11 more to go until I get back to my pre pregnancy weight and 21 more to go until I get to my goal weight.


First plane and car trip with the boys

Last week we took the plunge and endeavored upon our first plane trip and first car trip with both boys. Having flown a lot with Archer we weren't terribly nervous about the trip but we were wondering how we were going to carry all of our stuff and keep Archie from running off. He does not like to be contained making shopping trips especially enjoyable (note sarcasm). Anyway, we got a GoGo Babyz Tavelmate off of Craigslist for Archie's car seat and it was a lifesaver! Archie loved riding in his car seat through the airport and we didn't have to remove it to install his car seat on the plane. I highly recommend this product if you plan on flying with a convertible car seat.

So the plane trip was fairly uneventful. We had a layover in Milwaukee and Archie got to run around and play for a few hours and slept most of the trip to NJ. Fletcher slept most of the time as well. At the end of our long day of travel was Grandma and Grandpa R.! I love when we visit our parents b/c nobody loves our kids as much as we do except them.

Our two main reasons for traveling to NJ were to spend time with family and to attend the wedding of Elizabeth and Kevin K. Kevin is a friend from U of M so we got to see a lot of our college friends and their lovely children. Seeing everyone really made me miss the camaraderie and closeness of everyone. I cannot wait until we move back east one day and are closer to friends and family.

After the wedding we headed up to Vermont for a mini vacation within a vacation. Dave and I love VT, NH and ME and Burlington is only about 6 hours from the grandparents house. We all loaded into the minivan and headed to the land of Green Mountain Coffee, Lake Champlain Chocolates, King Arthur Flour, Ben & Jerry's, maple syrup and my cousins Lori, Erik, Corie and Zak. We ate at some great restaurants recommend by Lori, went to the aquarium, Lake Champlain Chocolates, walked around town, and went out to dinner with aforementioned cousins. The only downfall of our trip was our last night there when Archie came down with his first stomach bug. Thank goodness for Grandma R. who jumped in to save the day. Dave and I would've been a panicked mess without her.

While we were in NJ we went to visit the Whippany Railway Museum and Archie had a blast! It was a hot day and then it started to rain while we were there. Archie walked out into the downpour with the wild abandonment that only a toddler can truly pull off. Luckily I had my camera ready and took dozens of pictures. Fletcher was content to sit on Grandma's lap and watch. I don't think he's ready for the rain just yet.

The day before we left I was struck with the same stomach bug that Archie had. It made for an uncomfortably long day of travel, but it was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed. All in all, we had great time on our vacation and Dave didn't get sick until after we arrived home. There is always a silver lining!