23 week pregnancy update

(22 week belly)

I am currently in my 23rd week of pregnancy. In two days I will be 6 months along. Where does the time go? So far the 2nd trimester has been good to me. I am eating normally, sleeping a lot, and can still get around and do things with relative ease. However, getting up from the floor is proving more difficult as is shaving my legs. Afterwards I feel like I have run a marathon...well maybe not a marathon but I am pretty tired.

I have a pregnancy journal called The Belly Book. It is really kind of a fun way to document this whole journey and since I love to write it works out well. Well the 2nd trimester portion of the book has about 3 pages dedicated to baby kicks and hiccups. Plus the 2nd trimester portion only goes through week 24. So here I am in in week 23 wondering when in the world am I going to start feeling this little one move? Almost everyone I talked to would look at me a little weird when I said I still hadn't felt him/her even back in week 19. The only people who told me not to worry were my Mom and Dave's Mom. I trust them over everyone else since b/w the two of them they had 10 kids!

This past Friday I was sitting at our kitchen table on the computer when I had this weird muscle spasm to the left of my belly button. I didn't think to much of it until the same muscle spasm occurred 2 minutes later and then 2 minutes after that. So now I am staring at my belly willing the spasm to return. Then I see 2 little spasms in a row and realize that my little one is finally letting me know that he/she is in there! Daddy also felt the kicks later that night. I am kind excited that we both got to feel the first kicks on the same day. I always thought it was kind of unfair that the Moms get to experience this little joy long before the Dads.

Since then I have been able to feel him/her move a lot because I now know what I am feeling for. We went to a show last night and during one of the louder songs I was getting multiple kicks/pushes all over the place. This one is a future member of the 2029-2030 Red Wings Grind Line!

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound and my Glucose Tolerance Test. More updates to come!


My super awesome husband!!

Before the baby comes there was one more room in our house that we hated and wanted to do something about. That would be our (formerly) ugly front hall bathroom. It was peach with white tile and a vanity made the year I was born. Yuck!

So last week while I was in Michigan my Dave decided to redo the bathroom for me! We had already picked out the tile, wall color before I left though. He ripped out the old ugliness and got to work making a throne room to be proud about.

He is so cool!

The old ugly bathroom


New tile!

New Vanity

New low flow toilet

Wall art

New mirror and towel holder


Beautiful Rainbow

Here is a picture of the most beautiful rainbow I have seen in awhile. Maybe it was our reward for a weekend of thunderstorms and overcast days. Enjoy!


Baby Registry

It is so much harder putting together a registry for a baby then it was to register for our wedding. I spent hours yesterday researching car seats, strollers, breast pumps, bottles, bedding, clothing, etc... You want to make sure that your child has the safest, most efficient, best items available. So if anyone cares to look at the fruits of my labor, look no further!!

Little Baby R's Babies "R" Us registry

Maine/Massachusetts Trip

Last week we took our first trip of a very busy summer. We flew into Boston, rented a car and drove up to Portland, ME for our good friend Alex's wedding. I discovered that flying gives my pregnant self a mean case of heartburn. I cannot wait for my flight on Monday!

Anyway, our rental car was a Toyota Corolla, which is actually a really nice car. We used only 1 tank of gas the entire 5 days and we drove a lot. I love fuel efficient cars! That first day we ate dinner at a restaurant right on the harbour then we saw a gorgeous sunset from a park just about a mile away from downtown. The next day we went to Portland Head Lighthouse on a perfect June day. We met up with our friends for lunch and then napped until the rehearsal and dinner that night.

The wedding was on Friday, but we had all morning and afternoon to wander. We ate breakfast at a little dive diner where literally everyone knew everybody else. It was pretty neat. We walked around downtown with Natalie and Andy and then headed back to get ready for the wedding. All the college men were in the wedding so us ladies (Natalie, Christy, Elizabeth and myself) were left to our own devices. It was really nice to spend time with the girls. Since moving to Colorado I have sorely lacked in the female friendship department so girl time is always appreciated!

Alex & Mary had their ceremony at a beautiful cathedral and Mary had the most gorgeous dress. My favorite though was really watching Alex's face throughout the ceremony. He looked like a little kid in a candy shop! He has always been a happy guy, but marrying Mary has upped the ante and now is downright jovial. The reception was held back at the hotel, which is great for tired, old lady like myself. I stuck it our pretty long though. Long enough at least to get a great picture of Dave dancing. I am so showing this one to our kids!

The next morning we went for a walk/hike at Bradbury Mountain State Park with Natalie and Andy. It was really just a walk, but these days walking in like a hike for me! The view from the top was magnificent. Forests of deciduous trees all the way to the ocean. You don't realize how much you miss trees until you live in a mountain desert terrain. Later that day, Dave & I went to Kennebunkport, ME and then off to Cape Ann in Massachusetts. We visited Halibut Point State Park, which had like 200 degree views of the Atlantic. Then it was off to stay at Mark & El's in Boston for 2 nights.

On Sunday we walked around Boston with Mark for a few hours. We visited the Boston Commons, walked on the freedom trail for a bit and had cannoli's from Mike's Pastries in the North End. I love cannoli's! Then it was back home on Monday morning. Vacations are great, but it is always so nice to sleep in your own bed with your own cats smothering you!

Sunset in Portland, ME

Portland Head Lighthouse

Most of the gang at the rehearsal dinner

They are married!!

Dave tearing up the dance floor

Bradbury Mountain

Halibut Point

Mark admiring a tree in the Boston Commons