I caved. Induction date is set.

For a month now I have been evading my Doctor when she has mentioned induction. I have had 2 growth ultrasounds in that time b/c of my gestational diabetes and the baby is measuring pretty accurately for where they are supposed to be with the exception of a big head. My diabetes is 100% diet controlled and my A1C levels came back great. Still, the standard of care is an induction at 39 weeks. I am very conflicted about all of this, but scheduled the induction with the hopes that baby will come on their own before Monday. Both Archie and Fletcher were born before 39 weeks so the odds are good...I hope. Also, the induction is scheduled at 8 p.m. I actually laughed when my nurse said it was so mom could get in a night of rest while the pitocin took effect. Has anyone ever actually been able to rest during pitocin induced contractions? At least she she was able to realize what a load she was feeding me and laughed as well.

In other news, G&G R. are here!! Can I say what a relief it is to know that I can go into labor now and the boys will be well cared for. That is always my biggest concern about going into labor with other kids at home. We had a back-up plan, but nobody wants to go into labor at 2 a.m. and immediately worry about waking up their older child(ren), getting them ready, and taking them to a sitters house. Now we just get to wake up G&G and let them know we are leaving. I am so thankful for family!

Dave's birthday was on Monday. He is now at the ripe old age of 32! We went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and then had cake that I bought at Rheinlander Bakery, which also sells low carb, sugar free pastries! I had my first truly sweet dessert since my GD diagnosis. The Raspberry Mousse pastry was sinfully delicious. The Pistachio Almond Cream one was actually a little too sweet for me. That has never happened to me before. On the bright side, it did not spike my blood sugar so I will call that a win. For his birthday gifts I got Dave a coffee shop gift card so he can get out of the house during the day and work there for a bit if he wants. I also made him some wall art using my handy Silhouette Cameo. Not terribly exciting gifts, but I hope he had a great day regardless.

The boys are loving having G&G here. They are going to the park, getting to fall asleep with them, reading stories, playing Lego, and just getting spoiled in general. When we went to the bakery they each got to pick out a cookie. I had them ask the gentleman helping us all by themselves and they were both so polite. Totally worth the sugar crash later...almost!

 It is not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.

 Archie with his piggy cookie. Appropriate.
 Fletcher and his baseball cookie.

Dave's Boston Cream Pie Birthday "cake"


The nursery...for now

I have done everything that I can with the nursery to this point. Fletcher is still sleeping in the crib so I cannot set that up, G&G R. will be sleeping on an Aerobed in there while they are here so I cannot set up any big things, but I really don't have any big things to set up. The walls are painted, the art work done, closet stocked with freshly laundered clothing, the swing, bouncer, and play yard have fresh batteries, the changing table, pack n' play, and co-sleeper are ready to go, and the car seat is installed. I wanted to take pictures of the nursery in the glow of the afternoon sunshine, but you wouldn't you know we have had two rainy, overcast days in a row. We get maybe 10 overcast days/year here in CO and they happened when I wanted the sun. Oh well. Here are the pictures I was able to get of the nursery.

My Mom made curtains and a valance for this window using THIS and THIS fabric from Joann's. They are going to look so great!

 The changing table/dresser. Nothing terribly exciting. 

The owl artwork I made is finally on the walls! I love how it turned out. Each canvas is 11" x 14". I painted each canvas with 2 coats of acrylic paint in a neutral. All of the shapes I cut using my Silhouette Cameo. Here is the OWL SHAPE, TREE BRANCH on right canvas, TREE BRANCH on left canvas, SWING, and FLOWERS

We will eventually put in mirror sliding doors on the closet. There were bi-fold doors when we moved in, but I hated them and they fell off anyway so we just took them down. At least I have easy access to everything in the closet. Storage baskets are my friend!

Here is a rocking chair that Dave & I found on Craigslist while we still lived in Michigan. The people we bought it from stained it themselves when their first child was born some 20 odd years ago. The green table was an old Sauder telephone stand that my Grandma gave to me when she sold her house in Redford. It was an ugly stain that I recently painted over and put a new owl knob on the door. A 110% improvement.

Close up of my night stand with owl knob.

I love the Treetop Friends collection by Skip Hop and this pillow is just too adorable. The orange pillow I found at Cost Plus on clearance. It was too perfect to pass up. I would like to get a nursing footstool for this chair.

My DIY paper leaves mobile. The whole project probably cost me $15 and about 6-8 man hours. People on Etsy charge upwards of $90 for something like this! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the leaves in 5 different cardstock colors. I took a sewing needle and poked a hole near the top of each leaf. I used some jewelry making line (looks like fishing line) and tied knots to keep the leaves from all falling to the bottom. 

I used glass beads and necklace charms to weight down the fishing line. My hot glue gun was my best friend on this project. 

I struggled with the top on this one. I ended up using these buttons and some hot glue.

The wreath was a nice base for hanging the leave strands. I got it in the floral section of a craft store. I think it is 6-8" wide. I took floral wire and made an "x" across the top to give me more surface to hang from. I didn't need to wrap the brown ribbon around it, but it helped hide some of the hot glue that I used to keep the wire in place. You can still see a few hot glue marks, but that is only if you are standing on a step stool inspecting the wreath. I can live with that!

Here are the closet dividers that I made. Of course I didn't take into account the distance that the rod hung down from the shelf so they didn't fit when I hooked the over the rod. Luckily the ribbon works just as well. I used 4 different cardstock colors, but just took pictures of two of them. I made these going up to 4T I think. Again, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the shapes and the letters/numbers. I also laminated them myself. Being crafty has its perks! THIS is the shape I used for the owl.

Here it is in green. 


The moments that remind me why we are doing this again

When I think about having a newborn around I tend to remember the sleepless nights, spit up on everything, milk stains on my shirt, gassy, crying babies, 2 a.m. fights with Dave, the endless amount of bottle and pump parts that need washing, and did I mention the lack of sleep? This past week, however, my two boys have been reminding why we thought 3 kids was a good idea. On my morning to sleep in, Archie came up into my room with a flower that he picked for me in the backyard and a hug. Not wanting to be left out, Fletcher wanted a hug too. Getting woken up with flowers and hugs is probably the best way to wake up in my opinion. At the library a few days later, instead of holding my hands in the parking lot, the boys held each others hand. It was completely unprompted by me and luckily I had my camera handy so I could capture the sweetness of the moment. How could I not want another child? I am not delusional enough to think that puppies and roses are going to abound in the next few months, but I am reminded that it is totally worth all the crappy nights that are ahead of us.

On Tuesday we had our last growth ultrasound to see how large the baby is because of my gestational diabetes. At our penultimate (thank you Prof. John Su for teaching me one of my favorite words) ultrasound, the baby was sleepy and we didn't really get a look at him/her. This time around though we got to see the chubby cheeks and adorable face of the baby we are going to be holding in less than 2 weeks. Both of us kind of had our moment of calm at that point. The fact that Grandma and Grandpa R. are coming for a month starting on Monday also helps!

I have been trying to take the boys to the park a lot since they have been such troopers going to to all of my appt's with me. We tried out two new parks this week. One was kind of neat b/c it was a sensory park ideally suited for special needs kids. How cool is it that my new town has thought of these things? The boys liked it, but I think it could have used more shade trees. However, I would be sweating in 60 degree temps right now. The other park was in our neighborhood but we haven't been there yet. In our little square mile where our house resides we have 6 playgrounds and an abundance of trails with open space. This park had a nice climbing wall, tall slides, and wasn't near any major roads which is a great plus. I liked this one a lot.

Dave has officially completed 2 weeks of working from home. I am quite pleased with how well it is going. The boys accept that when Dad is in this basement he is "at work" and not to be bothered. There was that one day where Dave went to get the mail during nap time, slammed the door on the way out and in, and woke up the kids! I have forgiven him though since he has been rocking out the honey-do list. Plus, the basement bathroom has never been cleaner now that Dave works down there. Ivy, whose litter box is down there, is also thankful.

Over the last few weeks Fletcher has really just advanced leaps and bounds with his communication skills. Fletcher has been talking for almost a year, but the quality of what he is saying is just astounding. He is talking about his feelings, using adjectives a lot, letting us know what he has been up to, etc... Yesterday after Dave took them to the park he came home and told me everything that he did using full and complete sentences. It is really kind of cool. Archer is getting ready to start school next month. I have his uniform but we still need to get all of the back to school supplies. I am so excited for him. He has been asking to play with friends a lot lately. He doesn't have any play mates, but he calls kids that he meets at the park friends. I cannot wait until he actually has kids he can play with everyday and have real friends. It breaks my heart to see him sad when no kids are at the park. Only 3 more weeks until school!

I am still doing really well on the menu planning and food budget. I am completing our 3rd month and the amount we spend is getting pretty predictable. Our garden is also starting to produce a lot of squash, tomatoes, and the chard is still coming up. It is nice have fresh veggies at every meal and knowing what is going to be for dinner every night. It also provides a nice amount of leftovers for our lunches. I imagine our grocery bill will be going up a bit now that Dave will be eating all his meals at home, plus snacks throughout the day. Once the baby comes we will probably have a few months of more processed foods as well and that usually equals more money. At least I have built up a nice repertoire of meals that we enjoy and are relatively easy to make.

Well today is Saturday and maybe our last weekend before the baby comes so we need to get stuff done. Dave is cleaning out the cars, moving the boys' car seats to the back, and installing the infant seat. I am cleaning all the bottles and accessories and figuring out where to put them. I also need to find all the baby socks and bibs and launder them. The pack n' play and co-sleeper are getting put together, the house is getting as clean as we can muster, plus we have the boys that need supervision and what not!

What a difference a GD diagnosis makes. I weigh almost 25 lbs. less than I did at this point in my previous pregnancies and I feel the best too. I haven't been able to indulge in any pregnancy cravings, but at least I won't be paying for it after this LO is born. 


4 weeks until my due date

I am 36 weeks today. My oldest was born at 37 weeks and my 2nd at 38 weeks, 2 days so I am not expecting to make it to my due date. I don't think my OB wants me to either and since I do not want an induction I am keeping my fingers crossed. The standard of care for a woman with gestational diabetes is to induce around 39 weeks. However, since mine is diet controlled and the baby is not measuring large, if I make it that far I will decline an induction unless the baby is in distress.

36 week belly

My 2 hour post prandial's have been kind of low lately and I have had ketones in my urine. I stopped documenting everything I ate last week and I think that I have been carb starving myself which would explain both problems. It is so hard to find that happy balance between too many and too few carbohydrates. By the time I figure this whole diet out the baby will be born and I won't have diabetes anymore. It is kind of frustrating really. I go in two times/week for my non stress tests and I have weekly appt's with my OB. We have always teetered between wanting 3 or 4 kids. With this whole gestational diabetes this time around though, I am thinking 3 might be our magic number. On the bright side, I started off each pregnancy around the same weight and ended each one 50 lbs. heavier. This pregnancy, I have only gained 25 lbs.and have been holding steady for almost 10 weeks. Not being able to indulge in ANY pregnancy craving sure does help curb the weight gain. I had french fries for the first time since my diagnosis and my blood sugar levels were the highest they have been yet. It was my reality check.

Trail mix keeps them occupied during my NSTs.

The boys have been both a riot and rioting lately. Archie is learning how to push Fletcher's buttons and it is the cause of many a headache around here. However, they have their moments when they are cooperating, talking with each other, and helping each other out that gives me hope. They love playing games on our phones, tablets, and computers so I can get some down time when we have had a really trying day or when late 3rd trimester fatigue kicks in. This past week is when I have really started to slow down. It has also been the week in which I have done the most work. I noticed ants in the family room a few days ago and have been a cleaning kick b/c I hate bugs! I also washed the baby swing, bouncer, car seat, car seat bases, and the two boxes of baby toys we still had packed away. The newborn cloth diapers are clean and folded, all the clothes are hanging up in the closet and Dave painted the nursery. I need to wash the bottles next. I think we finally realized that the birth of this child could happen any day at this point.

Happily blowing bubbles
Showing off his Duplo creation.

Today was Dave's first day at his new work from home job. He had a 5 hour lunch meeting with his Colorado contact/co-worker and came home really excited about his work. The boys even played in the basement without bugging him. He will still need to find some good places to work outside the home for those days when his headphones aren't cutting it, but I think he will be happier overall with this new change. I am very excited to have him around. Not because I am expecting him to help much during the day, but it is just going to be comforting having him here while I deal with 3 kids all day. I've gotten used to him after all these years!

I have been crafting like crazy lately. I made 4 art canvasses for the kids rooms, am making a name plaque for the new baby, I made closet dividers for the nursery, working on a project for Dave's birthday, making some cards, and want to get started on a mobile for the nursery. I love, love, love my Silhouette Cameo! I can finally imagine a project and complete it with the help of my die cutting machine.

 This is a bad iPhone photo of the unfinished canvas. Same with the photo below. I apologize. 

Once the nursery gets a little more put together then I will post more photos. The pale grey with white trim on the walls looks fantastic too!

That's all I've got for now. Sorry my posts have been more pregnancy related lately. It is forefront on my mind.


A vegetarian gestational diabetic's breakfast

Mediterranean Omelet

Breakfast is probably the hardest meal of the day for me. People on a lower carb diet will tell you to carb load in the morning so your body has all day to process them. That is probably the worst advice for a diabetic. I belong to a great online support group full of women in my predicament and we all need to be so careful at breakfast. After a night of fasting/sleeping our bodies just aren't equipped to handle to carbs, complex or simple, in the morning. Fruit is typically a no go as well. For me personally, anything over 15 carbs for breakfast and I chance spiking my sugars. If you take a look at the bread currently on your counter, chances are likely that it has just about that many carbs per slice. So what is a diabetic that doesn't eat meat supposed to do? The answer is eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

Goat Cheese, Sausage, & Veggie Omelet with Avocado

Eggs deserve their own paragraph I think. Here is a funny story. When I was pregnant with Fletcher I completely lost my taste for eggs. I used to eat them all of the time and then one day the thought of them made me want to vomit. I continued to dislike eggs for almost 2 years. Boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, over easy, quiches, and omelets all made me gag. The only way I could tolerate them was well hidden in baked goods. However, sometime early in my 2nd trimester of this current pregnancy, I started to crave eggs again. After an almost 2 year hiatus my body said, "Hey, these things aren't so bad". Boy I am ever lucky it did because I have to eat eggs every single morning until this baby is born. Of course, being pregnant I cannot have any runny parts of my egg so I need to eat them fried, boiled, scrambled, and well cooked. I am totally sick of eggs by the way. I did make those ricotta almond meal pancakes but they are high in fat and slightly time consuming to make therefore not ideal for those hurried weekday mornings.

I have become quite adept at making omelets though. This morning I had a Mediterranean themed omelet, some mornings I go festive with a south of the border flair, and sometimes I just steam some spinach with fresh garden veggies and toss them on top. During our vacation I got to eat hotel scrambled eggs AND hard boiled eggs in the same meal. Hotels across middle American serve the most carb and meat heavy breakfasts ever! Needless to say, after this baby is born I want to have a huge stack of buttery pancakes with syrup, fresh fruit, and maybe even whipped cream. I will still continue to eat healthier, but that is the one indulgence I am really looking forward to.

Anyway, here are some of the breakfast recipes that I am basing some of my breakfast meals from:

Asparagus - Cheese Omelet

Breakfast Skillet - This with veggie sausage and tofu instead of real meat and potatoes. It also brings the carb load to an acceptable limit.

Huevos Rancheros - No tortilla chips and watch the portion control on the black beans as the carbs can add up.

Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

Poblano Tofu Scramble

Provencal Omelet


Father's Day projects and pancakes!

I meant to post this awhile ago. On Father's Day I experimented with an almond meal pancake recipe. Although I am typically a savory breakfast person, we usually have a pancake/waffle day on the weekends. Since I cannot have more than about 15 carbs for breakfast without spiking my blood sugar, pancakes are out for the most part. I found a recipe for almond flour and ricotta pancakes. They are high in fat and protein b/c of the egg, almonds, and ricotta but they actually kind of fulfilled my pancake craving. Since I didn't have coconut flour or lemon seltzer water I used coconut flakes and sparkling lemon lime water that I had in the fridge. They are no substitute for the huge pancake stack I am planning on devouring after this baby is born, but they will hold me over!

For Dave's Father's Day gifts I busted out my Silhouette Cameo. Since I haven't had too much time for scrapbooking, it is nice to get some craftiness in every now and again. The card idea just kind of came to me and I was glad that I still had some vellum laying around b/c it turned out really neat looking. Archer colored the paper before I cut it with my Cameo. I used Archiver's new Memory Lab to edit the photo on the inside of the card. The little box on the bottom I found in the Silhouette Studio shape store and then filled it with Dave's favorite candy. I also got him a cord organizer from Amazon. 


It has been quite awhile since my last post. We took a 10 day vacation back east and things are just now settling down. This was our second big road trip in the last few months and the boys did so much better this time around. A lot has to do with how and what I packed. When we drove to Texas in March, I packed a huge variety of snacks and so many toys with lots of pieces. The magnets got thrown on the floor, the crayons got eaten, thrown, broken, and stuck in car seats, the snacks were too sugary and there were too many choices for the boys. We spent half the trip picking things up, searching for the last piece of the puzzle, and breaking up fights about snacks. This time I wizened up and packed much differently. Toys needed 2 or less pieces, the options were far fewer but more enticing, and we were also less accommodating in fetching thrown toys. Their snack buckets had about 5 options and those were all the snacks I brought. I also packed  a lot more fruit and veggies. This trip was longer than our first, but more successful. We are hopeful for more road trips in our future.

We got to see lots of family this trip and it was great. The boys are remembering their cousins, Aunts, and Uncles and get excited to see them. We made a short stop to visit Aunt Amy, Uncle Chris, and their cousin and then we headed to MI for a family reunion with most of their Aunts and Uncles from my side of the family. The kids has a great time playing together and it was nice to have the extra helping hands around too! They got to play in a huge sandbox my brother built, drink slushies, swim in the pond, play in Grandmas basement playroom, and spend hours with their cousins. I got to see my parents, siblings, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, best friend, and lots of my cousins kids that I have never met before. It was nice.

Dave driving a tractor and filling up the huge sandbox. "Best vacation ever!"

Archie enjoyed his 2nd time in the lake much better.

The best of the bunch. Dave looks beat!

Sisters being silly. 

The hardest part was really watching what I ate because of my gestational diabetes. Since most foods did not have the nutritional information readily available, I had to be conservative in what and how much I ate. I don't think I ate enough honestly as my weight stayed the same from my last Dr. appt., but at least I didn't overdo it and spike my sugars too much over and over. The humidity was also killer! The first few days in the Midwest I had a persistent headache. It was most likely a combo of the heat, humidity, and not drinking enough water. I forgot how sticky that extra moisture makes you feel. Getting back to my dry, high altitude was a welcome change even if our swamp cooler broke in 95 degree heat!

I am now 34 weeks pregnant and cannot believe how close we are to delivering. My oldest was born at 37 weeks exactly which means I could have a baby in as few as 3 weeks and at most 5 weeks. I now have weekly NSTs (non stress tests) and at 37 weeks they will become biweekly. My appts will also become weekly once I am 36 weeks. The nurses and receptionists know me by name now! My nurse is also fantastic with the boys. My normally shy Fletcher will go with her to get toys and let me do my own thing. They have also been great playing while I am hooked up the monitors for my NSTs. On the flip side, the nursery is not painted, clothes are not washed, the swing, car seat, bouncy chair, and pack n' play all need a good washing,  and we still need to agree on a boys name if this one comes out XY. I am feeling the time crunch.

In other news, Dave has accepted a new position with a new company starting in two weeks. He is very happy since he will be doing what he loves to do - programming...a lot! I am selfishly very excited too since this is a work from home job. I am fully aware that he needs to be able to work uninterrupted and it will actually be quite difficult for me to keep the boys away from Daddy while he is working. However, it also gives me the flexibility to make Dr. appts and have Dave either come with us or watch the boys while I am gone. It also means that his hours aren't strictly 9-5 so he can do some things that would be harder for him to get done if he had to be at work during certain times. Once things settle down a bit, he is going to look for a place that rents desks for people that work from home. He will probably also head out to the library or coffee shop some days to work too. I think he is excited b/c it will feel like he is in college again and Dave loved college!

I am not sure if I mentioned before about Dewey peeing in the house. I am thankful, in a weird way, that he ended up having a urinary tract infection. That is way more easy to treat than a behavioral issue. He is on a 2 week course of antibiotics and once we are sure they worked we are going to get someone in to clean our carpets. I am looking forward to having the basement not stink anymore! In other dog news, they managed to get out of our yard this past weekend after a big storm knocked out a fence slat that we didn't notice. They must have been out about 30 minutes before we noticed they were missing. They are tagged and micro chipped, but that doesn't stop you from imagining the worst case scenario. Luckily, karma repayed us for all those times we have gone after stray dogs and found their owners for them. They were only a few cul-de-sacs away and together. Piper was getting some loving from the people that found them, but Dewey was evading capture like the little turd that he is. Another advantage of Dave working from home is that he can slowly start replacing our fence in the morning before he "goes to work".